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In response to the new economy we are implementing a payment plan. You may divide your purchase into three or five equal payments. No interest or hidden fees are charged. A one thousand dollar piece may be paid for with five $200. a month payments. Your new piece will be shipped to you at the end of the payment period. This enables you to add a beautiful piece of Chinese export to your collection and not ruin your monthly budget. We hope that when the economic dust has settled there will be a re-shifting of what has value and what does not. Of course we believe the fine arts should and will come out on top of that analysis. Fine art has, and always will, hold a top position in what man strives to achieve and acquire and Chinese porcelain has always been on that list. Please enjoy our current offerings and know that now you may add a piece to your life in a more budget-friendly manner. Fine art may come and go in the marketplace but it's WORTH IN TIME never diminishes. DAVID OVERALL

Elinor Gordon, my friend and mentor, has died. She was a grand lady and the words "Chinese export porcelain" cannot be mentioned without her name associated in some way. She introduced me to export and taught me about it over many years. It is because of her that i have pieces in my own collection which I will always cherish. She was a friend, a trusted confidante and a competitive fellow dealer. I recall the dinner in New York when i finally summoned the nerve to tell her i thought i might like to be a dealer, thank God she had ordered a martini. Upon hearing my news she was silent and stared at me for what seemed like an eternity. She slowly raised her finger and pointed to me and said "you have good taste and that is 50% of it, keep the standards high where i have taken them" and with that it was over. I was to become a dealer and Elinor approved. I will always remember her and i will always keep my promise to her "keep the standards high where i have taken them" There will never be another one like her and i feel sorry for people who are not fortunate enough to have known someone like Elinor Gordon in their lifetime. I count myself extremely lucky. DAVID

My friend PAMELA DALTON who has done the incredible paper cuttings of American eagles for my gallery is featured in Gump's seasonal catalog. Her star is rising.

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